Blackie’s Hot Dog Stand (Cheshire)

I was in Cheshire today for a meeting that ended right around noon.  Perfect time for me to hit up Blackie’s for a hot dog since I don’t find myself in Cheshire often and I’ve heard so much about this place.  As I drove there I was thinking, “I hope they take card, don’t have any cash on me, no ATM in sight.”
I had a feeling it was a Cash Only operation, so I was thankful that a hot dog only cost $2.00 because I found enough change in my car to pay for lunch.  Since it was 75 degrees and sunny the whole place was opened up, allowing patrons full view of the open road and the cars whizzing by.  You really do feel like you have gone back in time here.  One of the employees mentioned that they’ve been open since 1928!
Ordering was a breeze with the simple menu.  I knew what I wanted from the moment I arrived and as soon as the words, “hot dog” escaped my mouth I had a juicy one right in front of me.  I slathered on some of the famous relish, some mustard, and ketchup and enjoyed my tasty and inexpensive lunch.  I will be back, but next time I won’t wear a suit, especially in hot weather.

2200 Waterbury Rd
Cheshire, CT 06410
(203) 699-1819


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