Fusion Bakery & Patisserie (Middletown)

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With the start of the new year and the possibility of a beach getaway in the not-so-distant future, I started my healthy eating diet today.  That all came to a screeching halt when I decided, on a whim, to stop in at Fusion for some cupcakes.  It was (pretty much) on my way home from my boyfriend’s house and I had wanted to try it for a while.  Today seemed to be as good a day as any other especially since it is my one week anniversary since turning 30, but really, who needs an excuse to eat cake?

I popped in an hour before closing time and it appeared many of the items were sold out.  That didn’t turn out to be an issue at all as I found plenty of things that I wanted.  Per usual, I ordered a red velvet cupcake in addition to a small cherry cheesecake, a Guinness cupcake, and a gluten-free chocolate cupcake.  I ate the first two items in the store and took the other two home for later.

I was the only patron in the bakery at the time so I sat at one of the many tables and savored each bite of the cherry cheesecake and the red velvet cake.  Both were very good. A few words about the red velvet cupcake:  it’s made with only a small amount of red food coloring and gets most of its color from beet juice, a natural coloring agent.  I’d read about this before but had never used it in my own baking of red velvet cupcakes even though I have been  planning to since my last batch.  Now I’m even more inspired.  The reason they don’t use beet juice exclusively is that “some of it can evaporate and leave the middle of the cupcake a grey-ish color”.

The other two cupcakes were also quite enjoyable.  The Guinness was nice and moist and there was only a trace of the Guinness flavor but it was very good.  The frosting complimented it well.  The gluten-free chocolate was great flavor-wise but was a bit dry.  Not something I wouldn’t get again, though.

In addition to the cupcakes, cakes, cookies, breads, brownies, creme brulee, truffle tarts, lemon tarts, macarons,  etc., Fusion also carries a large assortment of Lake Champlain chocolates.  There’s also a beverage case that sells Avery’s sodas as well as other drinks.  If you’re craving something sweet, Fusion is your kind of place.

100 Riverview Center
Middletown, CT 06457
(860) 344-9024


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