Beachland Tavern (West Hartford)

I gave Beachland Tavern another shot recently and had better experience than the one I initially reviewed.  I came with my roommate to get some beers, wings, and a salad during the time of the college football playoffs.  It was wild in there!
We sat at the bar and got a few Goose Island brews.  We ordered wings that were coated in a combination of buffalo hot sauce, barbecue sauce, and a gorgonzola sauce.  Very tasty.  I also ordered a cobb salad.  This was huge and delicious.  The grilled chicken tasted fresh and was cooked perfectly, there were large amounts of crisp bacon, ripe slices of avocado, egg, tomatoes, and lots and lots of gorgonzola cheese.  Almost too much, but more is better than less in a situation like this.  The gorgonzola dressing went very nicely with this salad and was addictive with a slight hint of garlic.  This salad is easily two to three meals depending on your appetite.We also enjoyed an ice cream sundae and that was fine.
Overall it was a nice time.  The bartender was great, the atmosphere lively, the food and drinks satisfying.  I’m glad I came back and I see myself coming by more frequently, especially since it’s close to my apartment.

1128 New Britain Ave
West Hartford, CT 06110
(860) 263-7167


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