Pho Saigon (West Hartford)

Before Pho Saigon came into existence I frequented Pho Boston whenever the craving hit for the tasty Vietnamese noodle soup.  Now, I am here much more often than at Pho Boston even though I make the occasional visit there just to mix things up sometimes.  They’re both about the same distance from my apartment which is no surprise since they’re practically in the same plaza.

Pho Saigon was recommended to me by a Vietnamese friend a year and a half ago.  I have had a number of the phos there both dining in and for takeout.  The seafood pho is amazing.  I had it a while ago and remember large fresh shrimp, delicious fish balls, imitation crab meat, and a flavorful broth.  I was very happy with it.  It was a total cheat, though, because I am allergic to shrimp so I only had it that one time.  I usually go for some combination of rare steak, tripe, meatball, flank or brisket.

Tonight I got takeout for two: rare steak pho and also the grilled chicken pho.  Since I’d be traveling with the pho for about an hour, I asked for uncooked rice noodles so that I could just cook it up at the boyfriend’s house and add it to the broth and the rest of the goods when it was ready  (a tip given to me by a nice Pho Boston employee when I got pho takeout there in the past – so the noodles don’t get all soggy and gross from sitting in the hot broth too long.  Rice noodles will do that.).  The woman on the phone was a little confused about my request for dry noodles initially, but when I explained my situation she complied.  Both the rare steak pho and the grilled chicken pho were tasty as usual!

989 New Britain Ave
West Hartford, CT 06110
(860) 953-1122


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