Dish Bar & Grill (Hartford)

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I caught wind of the New Year’s $20.13 prix fixe menu available until Sunday thanks to a friend and came here for dinner with my roommate last night.  Making a reservation through Open Table was the easiest thing ever.  It was the first time for both of us.  Fortunately, I had a much better experience here than the few times I’ve been to it’s sister restaurant in Canton.

Initially, I was struck by the decor.  It manages to be sleek and sexy, yet comfortable and inviting.  I loved the stonework on one of the beams facing where we were seated.  The fireplace and the small waterfall were eye-catching from our seats.

We had to ask for the special menu but it was brought out to us as soon as it was requested.  It was a bargain considering the prices off the regular menu – a steal even!  I was pleased that the prix fixe menu contained items from the regular menu, so if you really fell in love with something (as we did) you could have it again and again.

All the choices looked delicious but we both finally decided on the Citrus Cured Ahi Tuna as the starter, the Red Wine Braised Short Rib of Beef as the main, and for dessert – the Chocolate Cream Pie for me and the Vanilla Agave Creme Brulee for him.  Also, the table next to us ordered the Kettle Cooked Potato Chips and Farmhouse Cheddar Fondue appetizer (off the regular menu) that was so attention grabbing that we ordered one too!

Kettle Chips and Cheddar Fondue, as my roommate put it, were “fancy chips and dip.”  Oh they were, but they were so much more.  Words cannot describe how addictive these were.   Seriously.  Could not stop eating!  We managed to polish most of them off even thought it was quite a large portion.  We ran out of the fondue before we ran out of chips.  I wish the ratio had been a little more balanced but the fondue was incredibly tasty.

The one disappointment with our entire meal was the Citrus Cured Ahi Tuna.  It was lacking in flavor and the tuna didn’t taste as fresh as it could have been.  Unfortunate, since it had so much potential.  Everything else, however,  was excellent.  We were both impressed by our braised short rib which was served with a red wine sauce on a bed of perfect cheese grits, three roasted carrots nestled gently against the beef.  The flavors and textures of this dish came together beautifully.

And the desserts were exceptional as well.  Even though I was stuffed to the gills by the time dessert got to the table, the deconstructed chocolate cream pie was so divine that I nearly licked my plate clean, even with the big portion.  My roommates creme brulee was equally fantastic.  This was a lovely first experience at Dish that has me interested in returning for more.

900 Main St
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 249-3474


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