Bricco (West Hartford)


One of my dearest friends treated me to an early birthday dinner at Bricco on Tuesday.  Truth be told, we had originally planned on Arugula since neither of us had been, but it was New Year’s Day and they were not open.  Bricco was, though, and it was an easy choice.  We’d been here a number of times before, once even for my birthday two years ago.  We were pleased to find it was not packed when we arrived just before 8pm.

We settled into one of the large comfortable booths in the main dining room while we perused the menu.  I was a bit  disappointed that that the online menu was not consistent with the menu that they had that day.  I had read the menu online earlier and my heart set on something that was on the online menu and not on the in person menu.

Anyway, we both ordered salads – goat cheese for her and the Boston Bibb for me.  My salad was easily the most memorable salad I have had in a long time – quite possibly the highlight of the entire meal.  The lemon vinaigrette was the ideal dressing for the greens, red onion, thinly sliced english cucumbers, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, and flavorful crumbles of gorgonzola.  I will fantasize about this salad until I have it again.

For dinner I had the pumpkin lasagna.  It was good and the portion was large but I found it overpriced at $18 or $20.  I enjoyed my friend’s goat cheese ravioli more.  We shared two desserts:  the Butterscotch budino with whipped cream & hazelnut biscotti and also the Bricco’s Lemon Sampler:  lemon tart, Meyer lemon cheesecake, and  house made lemon curd ice cream (we get this sampler time).  Dessert was excellent.

It should also be mentioned that we stayed well past closing time, not realizing that they close at 9 on Tuesdays.  We were not rushed at all and our waitress was as patient as anyone in that situation could be.  This type of service, the quality of the food, and the overall ambience will keep us coming back.

78 Lasalle Rd
West Hartford, CT 06107
(860) 233-0220


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