Hong Kong Eatery (Quincy, MA)

This location is so much more convenient for me to go to than the Chinatown one but the food is just not as good.  It’s okay, not terrible – but the original Hong Kong Eatery in Boston’s Chinatown definitely has consistently better food.

Recently I stopped by around lunchtime on a Saturday.  I found it strange that no other patrons were there, just like the last time I was in.  After I was seated, two other people came in to eat and there were a few take-out orders.  I got the beef brisket rice dish and the large portion came out piping hot!  The meat was very fatty (fattier than other brisket I’ve had) and the brown sauce lacked complexity of flavor.  A few bites in and my tastebuds were bored.  The last time I was here  I had a wonton noodle soup and it was the same story.  Definitely not the same as the wonton noodle soup at the Chinatown Hong Kong Eatery that I have known and loved since childhood.

Other reviewers have noted the poor service but I found the waiters and waitresses to be friendly.  I guess it could have helped that I spoke Chinese with them.  In addition, the roasted meats are quite good.  They are supposedly prepared at the other location and brought in first thing in the morning.  I got two whole roast ducks and several pounds of roast pork that the family enjoyed.

1510 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02169
(617) 770-3330


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