Mesa Verde (Portland, Maine)

Came here for a pre-dinner snack last week with a group of ladies coming from Andrea’s the bridal shop.  It was one of the only places open at the odd dining time between lunch and dinner.  The vegan in our group stated that she had been here before and liked it – and they had stuff she could eat.  Yay!

We sat at one of the extremely large comfy booths and braved the gusts of wind and cold air that came through the door every time a patron came in or out.  Drafty!  The table shared a bunch of stuff, tapas-style, each person ordering something different – except the vegan.  She ordered her own stuff.

The chicken quesadilla I ordered was very good.  It totally hit the spot and the rice and beans that came with it were tasty as well.  Jalapeno poppers were just ok, and the chunks of meat on the chicken fajitas could have used a little more flavor and could have been cut a little smaller.  I didn’t get to try the beef fajita but was told it suffered the same issues as the chicken fajita.  Nachos were decent.  Pina colada was better than the watery and strong Strawberry Daquiri.  The vegan was alarmed by the meat-like substance in her veggie chili but was relieved when she found out it was a soy-based meat substitute

618 Congress St
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 774-6089


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