Robek’s Juice (West Hartford)

Before our beloved Pinkberry opened last fall this was the only place (I knew of) in town that had the tart frozen yogurt that I swoon over.  And, it was (still is) very good!  Roommate and I stopped by for dessert after Happy Hour at Grant’s last night ’cause it is conveniently located a few storefronts from Grant’s and we both love the frozen yogurt.

We both ordered small sized half original tart and half raspberry.  Cable car chocolate was also available.  I’ve had that flavor before and it’s good, but we weren’t in the mood for it last night.  Our flavors were delish.  If I had to compare it to Pinkberry, the frozen yogurts here are slightly thicker, and the tart is a bit more sour.  You can add toppings too, but I felt like a purist last night and wanted to enjoy the yogurts flavor and texture without additional distractions.

I’ve also had a number of their smoothies in the past.  Off the Fruit Smoothies list the Hummingbird is a crowd pleaser and pleases me, too, made with guava juice, orange sherbet, strawberries, bananas and mangos.  The Power Smoothies list boasts smoothies that increase metabolism, burn fat, help with cardio or muscle building etc.  Don’t know how effective those are, but they’re tasty!  I love just about everything on the Tropical Smoothies menu and have even tried the hazelnut coffee smoothie off the coffee list which I liked but didn’t love.

Prices are a bit steep so it’s an occasional treat for me, but if you join their mailing list they will mail you coupons for $1 off once in a while.  Also, it’s worth mentioning that there is a list of 11 “nutritional boosts” that you can get one free per smoothie.  They include fiber, creatine, one that supports memory + concentration, and even one for “growing kids.”

I like stopping by Robek’s for something to cool me down on a hot day.

Go check it out if you’re in West Hartford Center!

967 Farmington Ave
West Hartford, CT 06107
(860) 523-1323


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