Grants (West Hartford)

A Happy Hour Review 

I enjoyed some good eats and drinks at Happy Hour today with the roommate after our initial plans of getting a free burger for dinner at The Burger Joint (in honor of national burger month) changed when, after a long wait, he declared, “our time is much too valuable to be spent waiting in line for a free burger.”  I couldn’t agree more.  With so many options around we decided to go to do some wandering and ended up at Grants.  What an excellent decision.  I had been to Grants once before, years ago.  It was a nice time on the outdoor patio area where a friend and I had a leisurely long dinner on a warm, sunny day much like today.  Unfortunately, an unpleasant exchange with our server put a bad taste in my mouth and I vowed never to return.  Things can change a lot over the years so I figured I’d give them another try today and I am so glad I did.  We arrived around 5:30 and headed right to the bar area.  We were surprised it wasn’t busier, with only one table of patrons and maybe two couples at the bar.  Plenty of space for us, so we weren’t complaining!  Shortly after, it began to get busier as more people arrived.

I started with the Sparkling Strawberry cocktail that was made with sauvignon blanc, strawberry basil puree, prosecco,  and fresh strawberries.  Talk about the perfect late spring beverage.  This was such a delightful drink – slightly sweet with bright fresh notes from the pieces of basil and a nice strawberry flavor that just danced atop the tastebuds.  The prosecco added another element of interest to the mouthfeel of the drink with a light amount of fizz. It was so good I ate the slices of strawberry in the glass after the drink was finished.  This drink will make a perfect transition into being a summer beverage..

For food I ordered the cheeseburger, a Caprese salad and split the truffle fries with my roommate.  The burger was cooked the way I like it, with some pink.  Flavor-wise, it was just fine but not outrageously good to the point of being memorable.  For $5 I am probably in no position to complain.

Caprese salad, with kumato tomatos, cubes of fresh mozz, and basil was quite tasty.  I enjoyed the pesto sauce on the plate that I was not expecting.  Lastly, the truffle fries were my favorite of the bunch.  A heap of extra crispy, nicely shaped fries sprinkled with truffle salt, ricotta salata, and chives that I could not stop eating.

Prices are excellent considering the costs of things on the regular menu.  Food items range from $1 (oysters) to $7 (Local artisan cheese plate with American prociutto) and everything looked/sounded delicious.  The list of cocktails were $5 and they all sounded so good it was an exercise in restraint to not get one of each.  Wines are also $5.  Domestic beers ring up at $2 while imports at $3.  Does it get better than this?

I’ll be back soon!

You can find me at the bar making my way through the Happy Hour menu.

977 Farmington Ave
West Hartford, CT 06107
(860) 236-1930


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