Treva (West Hartford)

You know you’re smitten with a dish when you dive face-first in the leftovers two hours after you leave the restaurant.  I hadn’t been this eager to revisit my just-finished dinner since Shish Kabob House in the Center back in ’09.  That was my experience with the Garganelli at Treva tonight.  Left the restaurant around 8:00pm and couldn’t wait another second after 10:00pm to finish the rest.  It was just that good.

One of my favorite West Hartford ladies joined me for dinner here this evening.  It was my first time.  What a wonderful first experience.  I was looking forward to being in the room with the hanging meats, but we were seated in an intimate side dining room to the left of the entrance.  The space filled up pretty quickly after our arrival.

Bread was warm and crusty served with a mild olive oil.  I would have liked a stronger oil and a sprinkling of parm.  I started with the Ribolita soup which had white beans and black kale.  This was a warm and hearty soup that had a richness I didn’t expect from the flavor of parmesan cheese permeating throughout.  It was very filling.

Then, my pasta dish arrived.  Initially, I was stuck between the Rigatoni and what I ultimately got, so I asked our waiter for his opinion.  He noted that the Rigatoni (sweet fennel sausage Bolognese) is very good but you can get it pretty much anywhere (true), and the Garganelli (eggplant, tomatoes, sheeps milk ricotta) would be more “authentic.”  I went with that and realized he did not steer me in the wrong direction.  The flavor combination and textural component were absolute winners.

For dessert my friend and I shared the Latte Chocolate Mousse Cioccolato, a layer of chocolate mousse that sat on top of a chocolate rice krispies crust and topped with a layer of chocolate ganache.  The layer of ganache and the mousse were good, not great, and I was not a fan of the chocolate rice krispie crust.  It just didn’t do it for me.  It tasted a bit stale and had an undesirable consistency.

Ok, back to the part about finishing the leftovers a couple hours after leaving dinner… True love in a dish or just pure gluttony? It’s hard to say.  There’s such a fine line.   What I do know is that my tastebuds are satisfied, the belly is full, and my heart is happy – and that’s good enough for me!

980 Farmington Ave
West Hartford, CT 06107
(860) 232-0407


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