Yelp Elite Party @ Burton’s Grill (South Windsor)

It pays to be Elite!

I joined the Yelp community in 2010 to receive consultation on places in the area I had an interest in trying, but didn’t write my first review until a couple of years later, this past January.  Shortly after, my dedication and commitment to being a contributing reviewer payed off when I was nominated to be an Elite member.  I’ve enjoyed food writing for a long time, and started my first blog, West Hartford Food Critic, a few years ago.  So, it only made sense to get my reviews out in a more public arena.  I was honored that the reviews were well received and looked forward to meeting other passionate Yelpers in the community.

My first Elite event was tonight and it could not have been better.  It was nothing short of a stellar time.  I got to meet fellow Yelpers in person, eat some scrumptious food, imbibe in some tasty beverages and have a blast doing it all.  I had eaten there twice before:  one less-than-memorable experience and the other a pretty good one.  This event gave me a wonderful preview of Burton’s more current offerings and left an excellent impression.

Food Highlights:

– Blue Point Oysters were fabulous + fresh

– Beet Salad was with Vermont goat cheese, candied walnuts, caramelized onions and micro greens was a wonderful combination of flavors (a new Yelp friend I met tonight who noted that he doesn’t usually like beets remarked that he actually liked this!)

– Fried Green Tomatoes on a black-eyed pea salad + bacon & chive vinaigrette was my least favorite of the bunch, but probably because I spent more time trying to figure out what it was than pay attention to the actual taste, flavor + mouthfeel.  I did, however, enjoy sharing it with two Yelp buddies.  That was fun.

– Sweet Chili-Glazed Salmon with a Soba noodle salad + ginger soy vinaigrette was positively fantastic

– Balsamic Steak Crostini which was balsamic-marinated NY strip, fig balsamic onion jam, blue cheese crumbles, and toasted ciabatta was a flavor combination that just rocked my world

All evening the food kept coming and  the beverages kept flowing.  I also enjoyed the icebreaker game we played that got us all mingling. Many thanks to Yelp Hartford Community Manager Emily and Yelp Providence Community Manager Hilary for a truly unforgettable event.  Thanks, also, to Burtons staff who were involved with this party.  A lovely time all around.

Here’s to many more Yelp parties to come!

100 Evergreen Way
South Windsor, CT 06040


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