Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale (Madison)

The lobster roll with drawn butter from Lenny & Joe’s was so good I’ve declared to my boyfriend that I wanted to marry it.  It comprises of large, sweet, and succulent chunks of lobster meat generously bathed in a hot butter bath stuffed in a toasted buttered hot dog roll.  Crazy, crazy, good!  Each and every time we come, Boyfriend orders the fried scrod dinner (no fail).  It is a delicious flaky piece of scrod in a nice crunchy batter, crinkle fries, and coleslaw.  I’ve had the broiled scrod dinner, and while it may be a healthier option it’s definitely a little less delicious (and I found a bone last time, ew!).  Even still, we’re big fans of Lenny & Joe’s.  Boyfriend grew up in the area and he and his family have been coming forever.

Earlier in the day Boyfriend suggested we grab dinner from Lenny & Joe’s since we were already in Madison for something else.  Of course I said YES!  I tried the broiled sole this time.  Even better than the broiled scrod, and no bones!  The rice was fluffier this time around too, and had just a hint of butter (holy yum).  Cole slaw was good as usual.


The best part?

While we were waiting for our take-out orders I got a chocolate and vanilla swirl soft-serve ice cream cone from the Ice Cream Shack.  Dessert before dinner…hell yeah.  I swear the ice cream here is even better than Ashley’s soft-serve.  That’s right.  You heard me, Ashley’s fans.  I’ll say it loud and proud.  The ice cream is creamiest of vanilla and chocolate soft serve that is the perfect ending to a shoreline seafood dinner.

We called in to place our orders and even though they were busy the staff person was really patient with me on the phone when I asked her questions and went back and forth between scrod and sole.  I appreciated that and strongly believe it contributes to the greatness of this place.

I just love, love, love Lenny & Joe’s.

1301 Boston Post Rd
Madison, CT 06443
(203) 245-7289


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