Goldburgers (Newington)

I recently tried the Southern Hospitality burger.  It sounded so delicious on the menu:  One beef patty topped with golden BBQ sauce, housemade coleslaw, cheddar cheese and potato chips.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?  I thought so.

What I expected was a flavor explosion in my mouth.  I took a bite and waited for it…and then took another bite…and another.  It never came.  Flavor was alright, but nothing that excited my tastebuds the way other burgers have before.  Texturally, the potato chips added a unique crunch but, again, just kind of meh.  Nothing was wrong with the burger.  It just didn’t blow me away.

The guys behind the counter were cool.  The food arrived within 5-7 minutes as there were only two other people there.  Parking is easy with spots out front and a huge lot in the back that is shared with other businesses.  I’ll be back to try out other menu items and chuckle over the notes on the compliments/suggestions board.  My fav –  Customer:  “Stop being so sexy it’s distracting.”  Response:  “Just think if I wore tighter pants.

1096 Main St
Newington, CT 06111
(860) 665-0478


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