Thai Room (West Hartford)

I had plans with a friend  to get Thai food in the Center last night but something came up and we had to reschedule.  That didn’t change the fact that I had been thinking of pad thai all day and couldn’t shake my craving.  Since Thai Room is one of the closer Thai restaurants to me I decided to get take out and enjoy it alone in front of the boob tube.

Tom Ka Gai (Coconut Chicken Soup):
Some of the best I have had anywhere.  Excellent coconut based broth with the perfect consistency, extremely flavorful with a nice amount of heat, and chock full of white meat chicken pieces, mushrooms, green and red peppers, onion, galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves, cilantro and scallions.  Mmm.

Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad):
This was my first time having this dish and I thought it was great.  Veggies were very fresh and crunchy, nice balance of sweet, sour, and salty.  Peanuts and fish sauce dominated the flavors.  Very good.  A first experience that left a positive impression.

Pad Thai:
Prior to opening my take-out container, I was struck by how heavy it felt.  I opened it to find a densely packed rectangle of mouthwatering pad thai with ample amount of bean sprouts on one side, and two large lime wedges and crushed peanuts on the other side.  More delicious food = happy eater.  Noodles had a good mouthfeel and were very tasty.  I ordered mine with tofu and it was awesome.

Great decision.  Loved it all.  Craving satisfied.

156 Shield St
West Hartford, CT 06110
(860) 953-8975


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