Marty’s (Washington Depot)

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The first thing I saw when I walked in was the funky zebra striped couch.  Further in I noticed a warm and cozy space furnished with equally contemporary decor that I really enjoyed.  One of the hippest-looking cafes I’ve been in here in Connecticut, I’d say.  A welcome change from the chains and also more aesthetically pleasing than other non-chains.  A few comfy-looking couches, a section of books, many tables including a large one by the bathroom for big groups, occupy the space nicely.

My boyfriend and I ordered a couple of iced coffees while we were here today.  Small for me and medium for him – and together it was six bucks and change.  I thought that was a bit pricey for what we got.  I told him that and he said, “Hey, it’s Litchfield County.”

The counter is located in the middle of the cafe and there were many delicious-looking treats like coffee cakes, rice krispie squares, brownies, cookies, etc. but we passed on the food because we had just eaten lunch before going to the cafe and had already had dessert.

Woman behind the counter did not exude warmth and attentiveness that I typically experience at the West Hartford and shoreline coffee spots I frequent, but she wasn’t overly unpleasant either.  Similarly, when I was waiting in line to go to the bathroom I commented to another employee who was wiping down a table close by, how impressed I was with what they had done to the space visually – and I received a lukewarm response.

The coffee was good and the iced held up with a nice bold flavor, as someone had mentioned to us before we made the decision to go.  If I am ever back in the area I would certainly come back.  Good coffee and cool space trumps mediocre service, at least in this case.

4 Green Hill Rd
Washington Depot, CT 06794
(860) 868-1700


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