The Corner Pug (West Hartford)

Some things here I love at this pugalicious joint, such as the French Onion Soup (the best), Chimay Grande Réserve, and the wings.  Other things are only ok, like the baked mac and cheese, the French Dip sandwich, and desserts.

I placed a take-out order here yesterday for a half-order of wings and a mini pug salad.  The drive from here to my house is about five minutes and the tangy, vinegary smell wafting through the air was enough to make me salivate and fantasize about sinking my teeth into the wingy deliciousness.  When I got home my dreams were realized after I opened the box to find meaty, plump, flavorful wings that packed some serious heat.  Also, the blue cheese dressing was incredible.

I was equally excited about the salad, so imagine my disappointment when I opened the container of salad dressing and instinctively tipped it over in a pouring motion to find that it was not liquid, but a gross blob of a congealed mess.  It was solid but jiggly.  Ick.

So, some things are better than others.  I still really like coming here for a drink or for the tried and true menu items, though.  I like the friendly atmosphere (bartender makes a strong effort at remembering names), comfortable feel, and casual vibe.  Plus, it’s only a few minutes away from home

1046 New Britain Ave
West Hartford, CT 06110
(860) 231-0241


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