Tokyo Sushi III (West Hartford)

A few weeks ago one of my classmates mentioned that this was her favorite sushi place in town.  I had never been so I wanted to give it a try.  A friend and I met up for dinner here last night and had an a-ok sushi dinner.

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the restaurant.  I really didn’t know what to expect, as it looked quite small from the outside.  One of it’s next door neighbors, Black Bamboo, is more of a take-out place with seating, awesome food, and not a lot of ambience.  I kind of expected the same here but I walked into a simply, but nicely decorated Japanese restaurant adorned with tasteful touches.  There was a wood theme going on, with pictures of flowers on the walls, a fishtank, and bamboo on each table.  The sushi bar is immediately in the line of vision upon entering.

I got the Sushi Regular entree which came with seven pieces of sushi and a tuna roll. For $14.95 it also came with a miso soup and salad.  I subbed the salad for a seaweed salad a paid a few dollars more for the substitution.  First, the soup and salad arrived.  The miso soup and the seaweed salad were both very good.  The seaweed salad was served in a beautiful white bowl, and sat on top of a bed of julienned cucumbers, giving the appearance of a larger portion than was actually there.  The actual amount was plentiful, though.

The sushi was arranged nicely on the simple white platter.  The seven pieces included one piece of sea bass, two pieces of salmon, two pieces of “whitefish”, and two pieces of tuna.  Also, as I mentioned, there was tuna (tekka maki) roll.  When I was ordering, I asked the waitress what kind of fish could come with the sushi and she seemed confused, providing answers that she didn’t seem confident in giving.  Well, except for salmon and tuna.  Those were easy.  When I inquired further about what type of fish the whitefish was, she said it was whitefish.  Hmmm.

Other places I have gone would have provided seven different types of fish for each piece of sushi.  I would have liked more variety, but what I did have was good and satisfying.  I’ve also never been to a place that simply stated whitefish was whitefish, and couldn’t provide a specific type of fish.  Also, I kind of wish I had ordered the spicy tuna for the maki roll.  As much as I love tuna, between the sushi and the maki roll, it was a lot of the same flavor.  Also, freshness of the fish was fine but I’ve definitely had fresher at other local sushi restaurants.

I’ve had better and I’ve had worse sushi in town, but I don’t know that I will be rushing back.  if I do, parking will be a main factor.  There’s a pretty sizable lot in the back making parking easy as pie.

846 Farmington Ave
West Hartford, CT 06119
(860) 206-4746


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