Mo’s Midtown (Hartford)

I went to Mo’s this past weekend with my roommate and his girlfriend.  It’s a favorite of theirs, but it had been a while since my last and only visit.  My first time here was okay, just nothing that left me with the desire to go back anytime soon.  The long wait annoyed me (I was, as they say, “hangry”)  and the food didn’t impress.  Fast forward a couple of years later to this past Saturday and I had a different experience.

It’s easy to see why the lines are typically out the door every weekend at this tiny breakfast joint.  For one, they’ve got the best homefries in town – large chunks of potatoes cooked and seasoned to perfection.  I got a Papa Mo so it came with the homefries, two eggs (over easy for me), choice of breakfast meat (a juicy round sausage patty), and toast.  Damn good.  I tasted my roommate’s Ragin’ Cajun omelet, stuffed with jambalaya and cheese, and it was wonderfully smokey and provided an awesome flavor combo when a forkful was paired with a piece of potato.

The three of us, all corned beef hash lovers, got a side of that to share in addition to a chocolate chip pancake.  The corned beef hash was very good and had a sprinkling of peppers and onions mixed in.  I have one word to describe the chocolate chip pancake: Magical.  I make chocolate chip pancakes at home just about every weekend (really, I do.  Alongside regular and banana pancakes) but this chocolate chip pancake kind of puts mine to shame.  The pancake was on the thinner side, yet still managed to be fluffy and light.  The base had a great flavor that was indicative of a very light sprinkling of spices (maybe cinnamon? nutmeg?) and the chocolate just melted in my mouth.  Man, oh man.

My beverages of choice included a water, orange juice, and coffee.  Oj was definitely from concentrate but I didn’t care.  I love fresh squeezed orange juice as much as the next person, but there’s something about the stuff from concentrate that’s equal parts refreshing and nostalgic and I happily guzzled it down.  The coffee, not the best I’ve had but far from the worst, tasted a-ok black.

Another part of the experience I found particularly entertaining is the eclectic mix of patrons.  Literally, people from all walks to life come through the door, from local college students, to the ghetto fab, to senior folk, to bounty hunters (I’m guessing; they were armed with guns and handcuffs but not in uniform), to – my favorite – a group of ten young men wearing sunglasses who dressed similarly and looked like they were a boy band back in the NSYNC and Backstreet Boys days.

Oh, Mo’s, as much as I tried to resist you, I cannot deny the deliciousness of your breakfast.  Maybe you are worth the wait once in a while.  I’ll see ya again soon.

Off to dream about those pancakes…


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