Agave Grill (Hartford)

Yesterday ten of us came out to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  I had been to Agave before, even to celebrate my own birthday once, and yesterday was pretty similar to past experiences I’ve had there:  generally good with some hits and misses with the food and great on the service and ambience fronts.  We had a 7pm reservation and our table, which was in the second room, was ready when we arrived.  We enjoyed some delicious guacamole and salsa with chips while we placed our orders.

My drink of choice for the night was a delightfully refreshing and strong California Blackberry Margarita.  For my main I got the Pot Roast ala Casita (Mexican style beef pot roast with chipotle whipped potatoes, and braised carrots) and it was very good but the carrots were much too salty.  The chipotle whipped potatoes were definitely tasty and I appreciated the fact that I could taste the chipotle but it was not overwhelming.  The meat was fall apart tender and very nicely seasoned.

For dessert I got fried ice cream which was drizzled in cajeta caramel sauce, topped with mango puree and freshly diced mango.  To be honest, I didn’t like it.  I’ve had amazing fried ice cream from Mexican restaurants and this was just disappointing.  First, the exterior “shell” that I expected to be warm and crunchy was not.  It had the taste and texture of a ball of ice cream that had been rolled in Panko crumbs – room temperature and lacking in crunch factor.  The ice cream itself failed to have any redeeming qualities, as it was not at all creamy but hard and frostbitten.  I usually finish all of my dessert when I go out to eat, but I couldn’t even get through half of this.

I ended up eating some of a friend’s Mexican fruit cobbler that was much, much, much better (something I’d definitely get in the future).  I tasted another friend’s banana chimichanga and that was also good.

So, consider yourself warned.  Don’t get the fried ice cream unless you’ve never had it anywhere else and you have no expectations, and only get the pot roast if you really like salt.

Overall, we had a lot of fun and I’d come back again if others felt strongly about it.  The experience was pleasant enough.  All things considered, Agave is a decent Downtown Hartford location to hang out and have a meal and/or drink.

25 Whitney St
Hartford, CT 06105
(860) 236-7741


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