Sugar Bakery & Sweet Shop (East Haven)

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After having a few of their cupcakes, it’s easy to see how Sugar Bakery won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.  I would have voted for them too.  From the adorable storefront design, to the the cutesy interior, to the friendly employees, and amazing cupcakes – this bakery is pretty darn close to perfect.I first had cupcakes from Sugar on Valentine’s Day when my boyfriend surprised me with them.  Yesterday was my first time actually in the store.  There were so many flavors that I was a little overwhelmed when I was trying to make a decision.  The selection is undoubtably much larger than some of my other favorite cupcake bakeries in the state.  I loved the fun names like 14K Carrot, Plain Jane, Love Monkey, The Hippie, After Dinner, Orange Creamsicle.

I brought home four cupcakes:  Wedding Cake (almond cake, chocolate ganache, raspberry buttercream), Key Lime Cheesecake, Coconut, and Chocolate Overdose.  All the cakes were incredibly moist and had just the right amount of flavor.  Frostings were the ideal consistency, whipped but not too soft, and not cloying sweet.  They’re a great size – large without being huge.

The Wedding Cake is named appropriately.  One bite and I wanted to marry it!  It was so good.  I would have that at my wedding for sure.  The cream cheese frosting on the Key Lime cheesecake was topped with moist graham cracker crumbs, and tasted just like whipped cheesecake.  I wished for coconut flavor in the cake part of the Coconut cupcake but it tasted like vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting that had a subtle coconut flavor from the toasted coconut sprinkled generously on the frosting – still tasted great though.  The chocolate ganache on the Chocolate Overdose cupcake took it to the next level.

We ate two yesterday and saved two to have as dessert with our Easter dinner today.  They kept extremely well in the fridge (I took them out and let them get to room temperature before we enjoyed).  Prices are not bad at $2.50 a piece setting me back $10 for the box of four.

This place just made it’s way onto my list of favorite cupcake bakeries in the state.

Nice work, Sugar.  Keep it up!

422 Main St
East Haven, CT 06512
(203) 469-0815

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