Effie’s Place (West Hartford)

I like Effie’s Place for breakfast, but in the future I should just stick to the basics.  I’ve been here a handful of times for breakfast and always had some variation of eggs, breakfast meat, homefries, and toast, and have never been disappointed.  Love their homemade corned beef hash, coffee is always served piping hot, staff are always knowledgable and efficient.   Good stuff.

Lox Omelet

Today when I went with my roommate and his lady we were all drawn to items on the specials list, all of which sounded incredible: lox, sauteed onion and cheddar omelet for me, pina colada french toast for roommate’s girlfriend, and lobster benedict for the roommate.  We shared a side of corned beef hash.

Pina Colada French Toast

All of our dishes were pretty good, but nothing spectacular.  Perhaps it was my mistake to order lox in an omelet because the cooking process changed the texture and taste a bit and overcooked the fish.  The lobster benedict was probably the tastiest dish of the three, in my opinion, as it included chunks of fresh lobster meat on top of hollandaise sauce served on puff pastry.  We liked it, but didn’t love it (we all tried each others).  Pina colada french toast was good, but I was not a huge fan of the thick and sweet pineapple jam that was smothered on the pieces of french toast, although the shredded coconut was a nice touch.

Lobster Benedict

The corned beef hash was tasty, as usual, but just slightly overcooked this time with some visible burnt spots.  Other times I’ve had it, it has been perfectly perfect.  Toast and homefries were delicious, as usual.  The homefries have small pieces of chopped onion and green pepper in them, which I like, but others might not.

Corned Beef Hash

All in all, a good breakfast, but I’ll probably skip the specials list next time and order off the regular breakfast menu.  Was it worth the 15 minute wait?  Considering we went during prime brunch hour on a Sunday morning and other places would have been more crowded – absolutely.

91 Park Rd
West Hartford, CT 06119
(860) 233-9653


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